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A collection of papers delivered at ESSAIR 2021 and ESSAIR 2020 will be published with Routledge in 2023 as part of the Europa Country Perspectives Series.

It will feature 15 original Chapters by; Introduction: Chris Ogden (University of St Andrews); Chapter 1: Christian Wagner (German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin); Chapter 2: Agnieszka Nitza (Collegium Civitas, Warsaw); Chapter 3: Parama Sinhapalit (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Chapter 4: Sara Perlangeli (University of Oxford); Chapter 5: Stephen Westcott (Murdoch University, Australia); Chapter 6: Yoichiro Sato and Astha Chadha (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University); Chapter 7: Aleksei Zakharov (HSE University); Chapter 8: Chirayu Thakkar (National University of Singapore); Chapter 9: Aayushi Liana Shah, Nomita Prithviraj, Vedant Mehra & Vishwesh Sundar (Leiden University, The Hague); Chapter 10: Miriam Prys (German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg); Chapter 11: Teesta Prakash (Lowy Institute, Australia); Chapter 12: Shubha Kamala Prasad (European University Institute), Maneesh Arora (Wellesley College, Massachusetts), Sara Sadhwani (Pomona College, California); Chapter 13: Aleksandra Jaskólska (University of Warsaw); Conclusions: Chris Ogden (University of St Andrews)